welcome buenos aires
Patagonia choper

An incredible way to know Buenos Aires. Soar into the air to have spectacular views of the city, both general and in detail the most important monuments and buildings higher. And it will impact with stunning panoramic views that will not forget. Walk around Pilar, Escobar, Tigre, San Isidro, Olivos, Vicente Lopez, north coast, passing Núñez Palermo where you can watch the golf, Rosedal, the zoo, the planetarium and the Japanese garden. Then we will visit Recoleta, where you can see the famous cemetery and the most chic quarter of Buenos Aires, with its stunning architecture, Retiro, the city's port and railway stations, Puerto Madero, the newest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and modern , the center and its historic buildings and government as the Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, the Cabildo, July 9th Avenue, the Obelisk, you may also see San Telmo and La Boca, looking from the air stream, Vuelta de Rocha, the stadium of Boca and the famous Caminito.

4794-9927 - 24 hs: 9381-0539 - Nextel ID 574* 1318 - Aeroparque J. Newbery.


Planetario Planetario

The structure resembles an unidentified flying object that once settled in Palermo’s “Tres de Febrero Park”. The Planetarium offers showings about the Universe, telescope observations, solar tents, and informative talks. And above all, has an unbelievable treasure: three meteorites found on “Campo del Cielo”, northern region of Argentina, thousands of years ago. Free access. Sarmiento ave. and Figueroa Alcorta ave. Questions: 4771-9393.

Av. Sarmiento y Av. Figueroa Alcorta
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Tel.: (5411) 4771 9393



This Hippodrome, a five stars lodge for more than 1500 race horses stables, and paddocks, offers 4 spectacular and busy gaming rooms with 3.000 slot machines and 9  electronic roulette tables with more than 210 seats. As well as  restaurants, pubs, musical shows live, a shopping centre, among sports and social events, opens daily 24 hours a day.

Av. del Libertador 4101.
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Tel.: (5411) 4778-2800


Jardín japonés

Bonsái and orchids exhibition, Tea ceremony, pottery courses, workshops of shiatsu and aikido, and fish farming in an enchanted garden, designed by the millennial Japanese culture. An oasis, peace and serenity 5 minutes from downtown. Open daily from 10 to 6 pm.

Av. Figueroa Alcorta
y Av. Casares.
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Tel.: (5411) 4804-4922 / 9141 int: 19



This sport is one of the most convenient activities, that benefits everyone. Recommended for both body and mind, turns to be the best way to become part of the river, and enjoy it in a different way. Available in Puerto Madero  neighbourhood and Tigre area.


zoo tour

Zoo tour offers unique experiences.
Enjoy the city of Luján, its escence and nature, combining religion, culture and traditions. Assisted by a bilingual guide you will visit the historic core, the Cathedral and enjoy the original tours on dromedaries and the interaction with the animals.

Cel: (054) 11 15 6096 6143 - Nextel: (054) * 555 * 3933 -
Cel: (054) 11 15 3600 6026 -| CP: 6700 -
Luján - Buenos Aires - Argentina



Pista de Hielo

We invite you to visit two indoor ice skating rinks located at two of the most important neighbourhoods of B.A, Boedo and Belgrano.
Among the largest of Latin America, at these rinks when you buy your ticket you have the right both to use it and hire the skate shoes as well. You may stay for an hour or buy a free pass. Also has its own school of ice skating.

My Way
Cabildo 20

Polar City

Av. Independencia 4141

4957-3450 / 4957-3391

www.polarcity.com.ar / www.myway-online.com.ar


Buenos Aires Golf Course
Eighteen holes in a 36 hestare court, with dressing rooms, living room, two bars and one cultural - Museum center.

Av. Tornquist 6397.
Questions: 4772-7576


Fragata Sarmiento

Anchored at the Dock no.3 in Puerto Madero, we find the imposive training ship President Sarmiento. Inside, we can appreciate its wooden, steel and bronze details as well as the interesting navigation elements used during the last trips around the world.

Nowadays, as a museum, can be visited daily,
from 9am till 8 pm and Saturdays and Sundays
from 10 to 10 pm. Questions at 43349386.


“Kartings profesionales”, gives you the possibility of participating on a top speed car race at the biggest racetrack of the city of Buenos Aires, that has the best lighting to run during the evening, too.

Costanera ave. and Salguero st.
Phone number: 48010079


Colección Fortabat

Materials such as concrete, steel and glass accompany the design of architect Rafael Vigñoly, author of this outstanding and innovative construction. The wonderful Fortabat collection, gathers together the works of  Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Fernando Fader, Xul Solar, Antonio Berni, among others., a masterly Turner, and the Andy Wharhol’s portrait of Amalita Fortabat. A  ”not to miss” attraction if you are fond of native and international art.  Guided visits daily, 3 and 5 pm. Olga Cossettini st. 141. Dock no. 4. Puerto Madero.

Olga Cossettini 141 - Dique 4 (Puerto Madero)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Tel.: (5411) 4310-6600